Pow Wow Package

For the past eight years, the Pow Wow of Manawan invites the Natives of Canada and visitors to a unique and colorful meeting that combines dance, music, crafts and traditional meals.

Manawan tourism offers a "Teepee / Pow-wow" package of 2 nights and 3 days that combine admission to the Pow Wow and a stay on the Native Matakan site, an Island on the huge Kempt Lake.

The package is at $ 460 (+taxes) per person and includes:

  • 2 nights in a teepee; 
  • 5 meals;
  • Transfers by motorboat from Manawan;
  • Equipment, activities, the Atikamekw guide and admission to the Pow Wow.

Book early since places are limited to 14 people.

See the Atikamekw Natives in their environment and participate in responsible tourism!

Dates 2018: From 3 to 5th August

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