Heritage and Culture

The Atikamekw people of Manawan occupy their territory (called Nitassinan) for about 6000 years. Their traditional knowledge of the link between man and ecology is shared by other Native nations of the North. Their culture is still very rich due to oral tradition, at different levels, thanks to the Atikamekw language spoken by all members of the Native community of Manawan. Near Montreal, Manawan has a totally different nation of Quebec and invites visitors eager to exchange and to share to discover this Native world established in great wilderness.

Church and cemetery of Manawan

A visit to the church and the cemetery of the Manawan Native Reserve is inevitable during your stay in the community. Do not miss these two attractions.

Legends workshop

Take part in Native legends workshops offered by the best storytellers of the Atikamekw community.

Traditional cuisine

Taste the culture and local cuisine thanks to the traditional Atikamekw cuisine. The Natives will be pleased to introduce their flavors to you.

Language demonstration workshop

Learn the Atikamekw language. Participate in these language demonstration workshops of this Native community.

Traditional Music Workshop

Take part in traditional music workshops. Learn to analyze the musical expression of the Atikamekw Natives.

Interpretation of medicinal plants

Almost all plants have virtues and the Natives know it very well. Discover the medicinal plants used by the members of the Atikamekw community.