Fair tourism

"Mother Earth"

The Atikamekw community of Manawan owns Manawan Tourism. Any profit generated by responsible tourism and crafts are 100% reinvested in the community.

Your presence as a visitor in Manawan will increase:

  • The positive social impact by maximizing the value of Natives and the Manawan environment while respecting the local workers by the quality of jobs generated and by providing people with enriching experiences.
  • The economic impact by maximizing the economic benefits of Manawan and in Atikamekw communities. The Natives of Manawan benefit directly from this responsible tourism by stays in teepees and cultural exchanges.
  • The environmental impact by minimizing the negative environmental impacts of tourism operations in Manawan, among others, the level of energy sources, use of materials (as in your teepee), its water management and materials residual, taking the role to educate visitors about environmental issues, mainly around the natural resources such as water and forests.