Our culture

The Native culture is intriguing. Learn more about the customs and traditions of the Native Reserve of Manawan.

Our culture

Each Native community has a particular way of living. Discover the one of the Atikamekw community in Manawan.

Rites and traditions

Each Native Reserve has its own rituals and traditions. Discover those of the Atikamekw community of Manawan!


Learn more on the territory occupied by the Manawan Native Reserve.


The language and identity of Atikamekw people come from the territory they inhabit: Manawan. Discover all the language peculiarities of that community.


More than 2600 people live in the Atikamekw Native Reserve of Manawan. Learn more about the demography of this wonderful community.


The Native Reserve of Atikamekw has six different seasons: pre-spring, spring, summer, autumn, winter and pre-winter. For more information on Native seasons, vi